Thursday, October 22, 2015

Snakes 2! Dodge, Steven Jarrot 7608512267 .

Happy Ducks: Happy freaks and frogs, time to rise, time to shine, borrow words of a snake or two. Views and noses, hate and love, horns to hear, horns on a goat. Time to rise, time to shine, time to take a stand. Time outs, march madness, god of war, Roman style. Pens to write, pen pals to share. Hate and love, land whale, cow, buffalo, cheap tricks.

 Gifts to share about the hairs of the matter, wigs and hats for the bad hair dazes. Changes to the hairs of the curls, chances to take with the headbands worn, wings to wear, or halo to place with the hair choices to make daily. Kids with color hairs, red, blue and white, purple, and pink, choices of the colors to change your hair to.

I believe everyone that we cross paths with is for a season, a reason or a cause. They are either blessings or lessons. Strangers are friends that you have not met yet. Your actions and your behaviors tell the real story about who you are. I live by trying to help others because I can. Not that I want something in exchange for being a decent, kind, understanding.


Cuban Transplants Wolves: Paul and Sima Jarrot: Dead and Dying, Freaks and Snakes. Seeds of hate and love, Steven Jarrot,   apples of his eyes crooks, bald turkeys, Charles R., Randy, Rachel Jarrot. Movies, clips of sex runs, cum suckers, to snakes and worms, spinning in sands of times. Computer thieves, snakes to worms, worm hackers, in others accounts online, hackers in Gmail accounts. 

To change written history, lots of luck, hidden messages to find.  Beaches and Dreams: Good times, goodness and mercy angels to see, parties players, in the sun, bright lights, birds and bees, Turkeys, American Toads, American Birds, fingers to hands, sit and spin, friends and Land Whales, history online, snake in grass stories to share, good time to sing, good time to dance.

Happyiness is to write, every day, tips and tales, recorded history, great stories to write.  Lizzy Jarrot 2, . Daisy Dicks, asked for the devil to visit when she open the door to Steve (Seven Snakes inside) Jarrot,  he has eyes for Rachel Jarrot only, best lover to date, daddy bitch.

Freaks to party and play, the only love of his life created out of hate with the hairdressers, skills of  Sima  Jarrots, lies white or half lies, n... Love Notes, Hate and Love, Songs To Sing. Jokes of ships of fools, fags out of box, yellow snakes.... Choices made, take a stand. Fags to talk, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, land whales to deadr, moneys swingers on dogwood trees, site to see. Party today, Friday, yet? : Bones in boxes, dad. Paul Jarrot, Charles Edward Jarrot, to visit.

Blue Lights, Blue Stars, Brights Stars Shine Bright, Wishes, Hopes, Dreams, High in Sky, In My Fathers's House. Thanks For Life, turning pages, end of book, moving on. Classes on love and hate, goats and sheep. Bitches in heat, sheep dogs, help to Adam, Eve Hated dogs,on two legs dawgs bad in Jewish pack of hell hound. Money and cash to rule, money lenders, Jewish Red Hats, red and white hats, eight days in the winter. Jesus Christ and Moses cousins then, or not, fairy tales.

High Buildings, Bigger Dreams, More Actions Needed, Going Places, Lights on. Holiday cheers, new year, new goals, new stories to write, houses for homeless veterans. Main focus, not tips on frogs in snake dens. Gifts Of Education Needed, In my father's house, the man in the sky. Problems to let go, stories told online, Rach Jay, sister wife, Rachel Jarrot, Sima and Sheri, pimp mothers, turkeys bald and blue.  to get biggest bangs. Fairy tales, and bibile stories, bastard born in a barn. Bastard to save the world, peace on earth, good will to all men. Joy to the world, eight times, sheep to follow, great stories. In the dark, dreams at work. Hell Hounds Out, Angels Up At Ball, Mercy and Goodness, back to back, good times.

Weird, witty, educated, interesting, real and different, me and my sisters inside, earth angels. Angels good and nice, sunny and bright, plans in place. Great Mountains Climbed Deeds and actions were brought to the light of day. Steven Jay Jarrot-7608512267, is living the dream life, and he is still a RV camper for life, no house. Once a snake, always a snake, once a fool, always a fool, once a liar, thief, use car sales man, once a poker player always a poker player, flip the coin and look at the actions and the deeds, and make a view of the things that are the same as looking at the ocean all day every day in a RV camping of course.

Third party views, online, hackers and frogs, monkeys to dodge. Good deeds, acts of love and devotion, from a snake or two,pearls and swine, sheep and goat matters, tips to share, life lessons, and bumps in road. Holiday 2015. Thanks to sisters of color. Veterans dated, guys and drools, freaks and frogs, camping on the side of the road, parked at the beach. Land whales out to flip land sharks, to trick or trade, to eat while out for dazes. Friends that have snakes under the skin, crooks and robber, Jewish rites, frogs in glasses, mud views not clear to a sinner or a saint. 909 920 0725, Cheryl or Sheri Jarrot, cheap tricks, cathers for dicks to suck, gang bang rules, hags on board.

Tales on land and beaches on sands of time. Burn and bake snakes for boots. Clothes for the winters, good times on right side. Monkeys swinging from dogwood trees, Jesus Christ, Jewish Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: Junk man, poker play, oral expert, cum sucker to date 805 205 5026. Peter Pan, fairy tales. Con men, great pretenders, horse and pony shows, oral talents to delight. Hanging on the cross, crooks and robbers, Jewish Jesus Christ. Christmas in July, tales and snakes in the grass. Gift of history recorded.

 Your actions and your behaviors tell the real story about who you are. I live by trying to help others because I can. Not that I want something in exchange for being a decent, kind, understanding earth angel.

Lions Graces: Food and Fun, cats to see, top of food chain, king and queen, big cats on land. Wild and free, food and fun, monkeys to eat. Monkeys see and monkeys do, acts and deeds, birds with bees, free to fly, free to eat, treats in flowers. Gifts of lions, gifts of angels, goodness and mercy, lions to you. Here to protect, the young at heart, host of angels, out of sight.

Joys and pains, over the seven seas, travel the world, every one looking for something. Sweet dreams, made to last, wishes and base ball games, joys and pains, walks in the park, lions to eat in the wild, monkeys and snakes, donkeys and fools, tails to eat. Meat on a stick, fish to fry, lions to eat, land whales, food and fun.

Green Lights, Trees To Woods, Spiders and Snakes, in the dark. Gifts to share, tales in the air, monkeys to dodge, good time, classes under the trees.  Time to take a minute or two, recaplitations to do, lessons learned the first time. Practice not to fail, life lessons on love and hate, joys and pains, joys and pleasures. Tales in the air, balls in the air, monkeys and snakes in the trees, the walks on the right sides. Happy and delighted for another day, happy to share a few others stories, trips into the woods. Third party views, noses in the air, airs of lights and darkness. Sinners and saints, snakes and monkeys, cow and cattle, tales to share.

Dence, Dumb, Simple, shallow, Snakes in your face, anger issues, with the bumps in the roads. Friends, frogs, fools, dates on the beach, RV camping, with Steven Jarrot,needle snakes, white slave niggers , trades to fuck, pimping butches for gas money, bring smokes please, every john to fuck on beack. Oral experts, leaders, monkeys and swingers, party and play, sex on the beach. Rach Jay, lovers for life, last year in Ventura,

Angels, faries, saints and sinners, land whales, blue light specials, good times. Rach Jay, Rachellyn1010, Randy, Rocky, Butches, bitches, fake friends, fake hair, fake life of a rock star, white, whales, at UCLA? Party and play pals, with daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7603601613, more freaks out at night?tips now ▼  2014 (8)►  November (2)►  October (2)▼  September (2)Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style..Lyon Sacks: Fire and Ice: Hell Rings►  August (2)

Some one is watching me all the time, have problems with the nightmares, with the life on the cross, Moses and Jesus for the trips back to the starting lines. Gifts of brothers doing the old dazes of the questions of the blue balls in the air, views of the deeds done in the dark. Butterflies, moths, dragonflies, angels, dogwood butterflies in the air for the colors on the flowers.

Safe from the people watching me, no privacy, watching me in my dreams, watching me in the shower, watching me at night and during the dazes. Tricks on me, trades done for the good times, trips to see the lights shine, gifts to share. Time to wake up and turn on the lights, nightmare over for another day. Gifts to share on those views, at a later date with the jokes at the bumps in the road, and the dense and the dim witted frogs, that make life hell on earth.


  1. ..... lessons learned. All  the time on earth, mountains to climb, rainbows to chase, classes on beaches, good times. Happy notes, tips and tales to share. Wonderful worlds of animals, stars in the sky, rats rotating in the heavens. Stars bright tonight, blue stars shooting, apples in daddy's  eyes, kids born. Joy to the  world, peace on earth, good will to all. Notes of joys and pains, joy to the world, good times to create, the best that you can be. Great day for choice of mountains to climb, sites set to explore, horse and pony shows, good times. 

    Stars and wishes, hopes and prayers, signs in sky,month of hopes, all the time. Heaven help, earth angels here, classes to teach. Gifts to share.  tips online, good times, angels, wizards, knights on quests, colors flying, battles to win. Great day alive, allowing for changes, pots of gold to find. Rats and horses, dog and pony shows, dollops for  time exchanged, glory days done. Repair, restore, replace the deeds and actions, you may have done, trades to be done. Lessons learned, not to fail, daily tests on good and evil.  place to check, tales of land whales, joys and pleasures to write, glory dazes done.

  2. Ways to grow, ways to shine, games on the beaches, grounds to break, songs to sing, earth angels with stories to write, records to break. Purple Rain, acting for rites, sound track broke records, names to call, a star on earth, for a moment frozen in time. Prince and king of pop, knight to sing, songs to last, records on earth, the world to go around. Sad day for the rest of us, dead and gone, candles in the wind, angels in the air. Notes of singers, notes of poets, notes of winners, notes of saints, minds to change, stories online. History to notes, data pages to turn, need another lover, need a hole in the head, songs to write about, sisters and brothers, music lovers. Tips and tales, songs to play over the day, knights out for the count, last day on earth. Holes in the head, songs to play, others to take the place of haters, hats and horns, goats and sheep, songs to play, jumps for joys.